4 Ways Your Profile Picture Turns Matches Away.

Posted by EquestrianDatingSites.com | July 25th, 2017

The popular phrase “a picture is worth 1000 words” has never been more true than it is in terms of online dating. The profile picture that you display on your black-white dating profile has the ability to both attract and deter potential matches. As it is the first thing that most users see, is important that your profile picture since the right message to your future love interest. Here are four ways that your picture might deter that special someone.

Creeper Look

The “creeper look” is one that is particularly hard to define but most people know exactly what we are talking about. It is typically subtle things that make another user think twice about contacting you. This might be something as simple as being dressed in a long trench call or wearing sunglasses in every picture. It can also have to do with the correlation between how you look and the types of interest that you have. For example, if you prefer the Gothic appeal but state that you are interested in equestrian dating or enjoy activities like hiking outdoors and yoga, a potential match might find it hard to believe. Although they say you should judge a book by its cover, the simple truth is that when it comes to black-white dating online people do.

Too Much Everything

A common reason why men are deterred from a woman stating profile is because there is too much going on. This can mean too much makeup, too much jewelry, and even too much cleavage. Keep in mind that your profile picture should always be classy and attention grabbing without being obviously desperate. Additionally, men want to know that they are seeking a real woman not one who spends hours in front of the mirror every day trying to perfect a perfect luck that looks nothing like her.


The average single person is not skilled enough in Photoshop to actually make using it worth their while. Poor photo shopping skills are easy to detect and can quickly deter a potential match. Once again this comes down to the idea that singles want to know they are reaching out contacting a real person. Real people have flaws. Instead of trying to hide them through some computer magic, focus on presenting the real you in a way that a potential match will be attracted to.

Bad Habits in Photos

The final thing that deters users based on your photos is when they’re constantly pictures which display you enjoying some of your bad habits. While an individual might be okay with someone who drinks a lot or smoked a lot, the simple truth is that showing every profile picture of yourself holding a beer or smoking a cigarette is not attractive.

By presenting clear, vibrant photographs of yourself doing your favorite activities, hanging out with friends, or dressed for an event you will be able to attract the right kind of single to your profile instead of deterring your future love life away.