Create a Profile that Brings in the Right Type of Attention for an Equestrian

Posted by | August 18th, 2017

Do you spend more time on your horse or in the barn than in a bar, club or grocery store? If so, it may be difficult to find someone with whom to share a romantic relationship. While you may find someone that shares your interests at the barn or events, it is still going to be hard to find someone that you can see yourself with long-term. That is where the sites at comes in.

Dating sites provide a way to find people that love horses as much as you do and are looking for someone to love that shares that passion. They provide you with a single site to sign up for, creating a profile that can show your likes and dislikes. Having people that share your passion for horses as the main draw for this particular dating site means these people will understand your need for early alarms, late nights and lots of strong barn odors.

Equestrian Cupid

That is why sites like this have been created. Dating someone who does not share the love of animals and dedication to horses that you have means a long, slow death due to misunderstandings. It is challenging for those who do not spend time with horses to understand the depth of the love and commitment that horse owners, riders and enthusiasts have for the animals.

When you are looking for someone to share your life with, enjoy a few dates all the way to the commitment of a lifetime, it is important to understand how to use online dating sites to your best advantage.

When it comes to creating a profile for a site, there are some things that will benefit you immediately. The first is to feel free to talk about your interests and your passions. That includes your riding, your horse and your barn life. These are significant elements in your life. You are on a page where the readers will understand. Be honest about it all.

Next, talk about the character of the person you hope to meet, rather than the characteristics you hope to find in that potential mate. A dating site will help you find that type of character in someone that you can enjoy time with, even if you do not end up staying together forever.

Finally, be specific. Don't throw generic terms at them about reading in your free time or listening to music. Be specific about genres and really intriguing authors. Likewise, with your riding, let them know you prefer trail rides or show jumping. That way, the person viewing your profile on a site like will be able to determine if they will have things in common and be able to carry on a conversation.

Keep these tips in mind when creating your profile and look through profiles of potential matches to see what they decided to share on their own little corner of the site. That way, you can be sure you're finding a great person to spend time with. Also, you will know who did not care enough to put detail into their profile, and that may be a sign they won't be very invested in the relationship either.