Dating Do's and Don'ts: Surviving the First Date

Posted by | August 15th, 2017

Dating Do's and Don'ts: Surviving the First Date

If you are lonely and looking for a friend and potentially a long-term relationship, the key is looking on the right sites. That is the idea behind the creation of, and it was done by people who care who you find and that you are happy with that person.

Dating is a challenging undertaking. In today's society, meeting someone means using the right sites online and being honest about what you are looking for, whether that is a hookup or a serious relationship. If you are looking for a person that could be the love of your life, there are some good tips to follow to survive the first date.

Equestrian Cupid

The first tip is to come prepared with other topics for conversation. Even though your life may revolve around your equestrian interests, that does not mean the other person is going to be interested in the details of those pursuits. Instead, have other interests and perhaps even world events in mind that can break a silence during the date.

Next, make sure to meet in a public place. When meeting someone new, it is hard to be safe and still allow the date the chance to go well. The best solution to this is to meet at a restaurant or other public place and get to know each other surrounded by other people who are witnesses that won't allow anything inappropriate to happen.

Finally, leave the night open but have someone who is prepared to check in with you at a certain time or who you have to get in touch with to make sure you are safe. If you are traveling from the restaurant to a movie theater or other secondary location, it is acceptable to drive yourself and meet them there as well. That way, you have your vehicle at your disposal and there is no need to go retrieve it later if the night runs long. All of these tips can make sure of your safety and comfort during the date. If you get to a point where you would rather leave, that is much easier to do if your vehicle is easily accessible.

Keep in mind that when you spend the week working, practicing and stressing over an event and spend the weekend traveling and competing, you don't have time to go out with friends or co-workers. You find yourself tired and alone, bored and desiring a connection with someone else. That is where comes in. This type of site is a part of a series of equestrian-oriented websites, organized through, all of which focus on people like you who know your horse very well but don't have a person you can share your joys and sorrows with once the show is over. You need a human to talk to about what went wrong and the little moments that went right. Still, you need to be sure you are choosing the right person to share your life with, so don't accept just any listening ear as someone who can truly fulfill your longing for a companion.