Be Prepared to Go Horsepacking

Posted by | Oct 18th, 2017

If you are into equestrian dating and want to go somewhere with your date, then take a horsepacking trip. It will be fun because you can have some private time with your black girl or white guy in the pristine wilderness, which is away from civilization as well as hikers. You can just enjoy the scenery and have a good time with your partner, while the horse does all the work.

Many outfitters pick surefooted horses for such trips and when they come back from these trips, they are in awe of these dependable and companionable animals. They have found a new respect and love for horses that carry them safely through the beautiful countryside.

Equestrian Cupid

Horsepacking is a great way to see the country on horseback. Plus, with it you can see all those places that you are not able to see otherwise, including parks, jungles, canyon lands, and mountains.


There are various styles of horse packing trips, ranging from low budget to luxury ones. In the former ones, the trip is fun, but you have to set up your own tent and prepare your own meal.

On the other hand, in luxury horsepacking trips, you will spend more, but you will get a lot of extras, such as comfortable tentalows or inn to inn trips for people who cannot sleep in a tent, gourmet meals, musicians or anthropologists accompanying the trip, specialist guides like historians, etc.


The other thing is to look at the adrenaline factor. In simple words, it means for how many days you want this adventure. Interracial dating is more fun, when you go out for atleast a week, as this way you can get to relax as well as enjoy with your interracial partner, away from the hustle-bustle of the city.

Horsepacking trips can be taken for 2 to 10 nights. You have to decide with your lover as to how much difficulty and experience you want in the trip. Plus, see the best time to go at the particular place, where you are going.


You also need to decide on your daily routine, atleast some of it. For instance, you will ride for a few hours, then you will take a break for lunch, then ride more, and finally have your dinner.

You can also take pit and beverage stop breaks in the way. But for this, you need to decide the time when the trip begins and ends, when to eat, and when to ride. You can also take a foam seat pad along with you to make your trip more comfortable.


Believe it or not, riding is a workout of the whole body. So, it is advisable that you prepare yourself to ride by stretching and working out. You can also do yoga to get ready. Walking with weights of 3-5 lb in your hands or doing light powerlifting will help you to build your upper body strength.

Also, ask your partner to do this, so that they too can get ready to ride. Give the horse a practice run for some hours in the nearest barn or stable. Learn how to stop and rein a horse. You must also learn about rhythm, timing, and balance, which are the basics of good riding.

Take help from these tips and get ready to go on a horsepacking trip with your interracial beloved. Black women white men dating in a remote place is a great way to bond with your partner.