Equestrian Cupid Review


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Are you someone with great passion when it comes to horses and horse riding but you don’t have anyone you can share this with? Are you an award-winning equestrian but you don’t have that familiar smile you can go home to after a big match? Or are you a cowboy or a cowgirl, who’s in search for the perfect partner to share your days with? Then fret no more, for I am going to tell you this amazing site that is perfect for your needs.


If you’re someone who’s very much into horses and finding that perfect love, you can go riding around the fields with, then EquestrianCupid.com is the answer to your prayers. This particular online dating site has been in the business for 15 years and what’s great about them is that their main focus or their target customers are horse enthusiasts like you. How great is that?


I admit, at first I was a bit skeptical and I kind of view it as something that is kind of sketchy. But after spending some time exploring the site itself, I found out that they are very serious in what they do.


There are many reasons why you should join this great site. Whether it’s their layout or their services, EquestrianCupid.com is definitely a site you should consider.

Reasons why you should join EquestrianCupid.com:

• The site itself looks well organized plus it loads very fast, no need to waste any more time in waiting.
• Their niche is evident all throughout their site.
• They are affiliated with a group of very trusted online dating sites.
• They proved their longevity by being able to stay in the online dating business for more than 15 years now.
• They offer free membership. You know you want that, don’t you?
• Their services are available worldwide. Yes, you don’t have to live in the countryside to avail their services. All you need to have is your device and in Internet connection. How easy, right?


Even though the name of the sight alone should give enough clues to what their target audience or their market is but believe it or not, anyone that is of legal age can join. EquestrianCupid.com mainly caters on Horse Enthusiasts and Equestrians but they also offer their services to anyone that is interested in being a part of the community. Basically, the site says that you only have to have two things to qualify. First, since they are a site that has a countryside theme, promoting country values is something that they hold dearly to their hearts. And besides, who would want to be with someone who’s rude? Second is the desire to meet someone whose brain is on the same wavelength as you. It doesn’t matter if you’re either horseback riders or just fanatics, in order to make the relationship work you have to have that urge to meet your better half. When you join, you should have this drive to find this someone who will get every inch of your being, a person who will be there for you when everyone else walks out, someone who will stay till the end.


Let’s say you think you’re not ready yet to look for that special someone, but you want to dig deeper into the world of equestrians and horses, then you should never leave this site also. Because other than their free worldwide services, they also offer other bonus features that will surely keep you glued.


Here are some of the other features you can spend some time in:

• Tips for going on a date with a Horse lover – The juiciest Do’s and Don’ts while going out on a date with someone who loves horses.
• Horse Pictures and Videos – something to maintain the brand.
• Daily Newsletters – to keep you updated with anything horse related.
• Forums – this is a great place to meet future friends that may livearound your area.


The answer to that is a definitive yes. They have a list of success stories that you can read. There are people who already met their partners for life through this site. That’s also one of the great things about this website, they have testimonials that will prove how effective their service is.


I for one really enjoyed my time in EquestrianCupid.com. It’s one of the best sites out there that really sticks to their brand but still won’t rob you out because of lame services. It’s a totally safe environment that is just perfect for finding that love you’ve been searching for.