How to dress comfortably for your equestrian date

Posted by | Jan 17th, 2017

How to dress comfortably for your equestrian date

If you are planning to go on an equestrian date with your partner, then you surely need to decide what type of clothes you would be wearing, so that you can enjoy your date as well as be comfortable in what you are wearing.

A horse riding date is quite common between equestrian singles, as two people who love horses can bond over an activity they love to do. It is a fun thing for both the equestrian singles.You can make your black white dating experience more memorable by going on an equestrian date.

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Make sure that you plan such type of dates in the summer weather, as then you can stay outside for a longer period. Summers are a good time to spend a beautiful day or get out of the city and do horse riding.

However, you need to dress according to the warm weather. But, you do not have to worry, as we can help you out to decide what you can wear on your horse riding equestrian date. There are a lot of practical and stylish options for you to choose from, which are available for both men as well as women.

Moreover, you must also ensure that your equestrian clothing can protect you from any injuries, while you are riding. Your casual summer clothing is not enough for such a date. You can injure your arms and legs or even get bit by insects and bugs, especially if you are riding through forested areas.

So, read on to find out how you can dress comfortably for your horse riding equestrian date.


Make sure that you carry a riding helmet. You can choose a lightweight hat with a stylish design that has vents, so that air can flow through it. Additionally, with such a helmet, you can enjoy the natural breeze produced by the movement of the horse.

You can also go for a skull hat with a jockey style, which is generally preferred by endurance riders. Such hat types are lightweight and durable. They also have a moisture wicking lining and venting.


Choose light color for your shirts and breeches, so that you can stay naturally cooler. You can wear tan colors and white shirts for hacking in order to stay cooler, as compared to darker colors like black or navy. Additionally, lighter colors can help you to easily and quickly spot spiders, bugs, and other type of crawling insects on your clothes.


Changing your full rising boots to short boots is also a great option to stay cool. You can add half chaps in order to provide extra protection to your lower legs, without any heat. These types of boots are important, if you are going through dense forest areas or longer horse rides.

Interracial dating is much for fun when you make time for things you both like and do it together, such as horse riding in this case. Ensure that you ride in cooler day parts, such as early evenings and mornings, for the comfort of the horse as well as yours. This way both, you and your black or white partner, can enjoy together without worrying about the heat.