Love Horse Review


LoveHorse Review

The is one of the fastest growing dating sites around the internet for those who are into horseback riding, horse breeders, veterinaries, farmers and countryside romantics. This website currently has thousands of members registered so love seekers are sure to find the type of person they are hoping to come across. It is also open for those who are curious towards hobbies such those mentioned above and as well as those who just want to mingle, date, flirt and find love. Aside from being a dating site, it also provides good pointers and news about horses, breeds, races and other competitions regarding our buddy stallions and mares.

Equestrian Cupid


Horse lovers, country folks, farmers have it tough finding that particular someone because of their special interest, hobbies and unusual schedules, but can help them seek out and find the perfect match. Single equestrian men and women from the UK may not only find romantic love across the site, but also rivals and competitors that can burn their passion even more for the sport. Country folks who are too busy with their farming and sheep worming have a higher chance of finding love on this dating site rather than going and hanging around bars for singles. Farmers can see that special someone who can understand the farming way of life, a person that has a smile to spare while perspiring and thawing earth. Vets can find those who have the same passion in saving animal lives, wild or domesticated. Animal doctors can interact and exchange procedures and methods while finding love online. The possibilities of stumbling upon that significant other are numerous for these people because of this dating website.


Equestrian Cupid

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• Horse Breeders
• Veterinaries
• Farmers
• Fishermen
• Poultry Breeders
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The has lots of good reviews online which means that people are satisfied of what they uncover upon registering themselves at this dating site. The reason is because it is not just a dating site, it is a specialized dating site whose members is working, living in the country and knows the love for rural way of life. There are stories such as a two farmers Emilia and Ben, who met because on the site and held their first date spreading organic fertilizer on the farmland (animal manure) and planting potatoes. It may not be the typical type of date that comes across our mind, but for such people, it is a moment of bliss. Another story is about a fisherman and a lady who likes to travel who ended up being together traveling the seas and fishing for a living. They may have different interests, but the couple still found a common ground to connect. Louisa is an equestrian and Marlowe is a horse breeder who came across each other on this dating site. At first it was a little awkward because they have absolutely no idea about what the other person is talking about when it comes to occupation and practice, but things went 360 degrees when they start talking about horses. To make it short, this dating site connects people by finding someone with the same interest as well as finding a good common ground for both parties to make the experience worthwhile and enjoyable.


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• Country Life
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It is not just a dating site for it is an informative one as well. The website has a blog for news about our equine friends and other country life and farm related information’s and reports. The blog contains written contents about horse holidays for horse lovers, safety guides and precautions, fashion while horse riding, events and contest, which is a good read if you are not having a chat with other members. The link area provides informative links about equestrian services, shop and horse health, breeds and horse & rider welfare. It also presents links for horse riding schools, courses and centers for those who want to learn equestrian skills. Horse trading and breeding links are provided for our horse breeders. Countryside links are open to farmers, rural poultry and livestock breeders for their daily dose of farming news. These reports are updated regularly in order for members to have no need to go and search for other sites for news regarding their hobby and livelihood.


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Overall, this is not just an ordinary dating site. It is both informative and specialized in a way that it brings people together not just romantically but also a friendly way. The site is very user friendly for old associates and newly signed up members to navigate and traverse. If you are an equestrian enthusiast, a veterinary or a country farmer who is tired from searching a dating site that suits them and all their needs, then this site is the answer to your need. A single sign up is all it takes to join this great dating site.